Alphabitch Afterbirth is a zine that was active throughout 1998 to roughly 2004.

The main "editrix" was a woman named Rael OneCloud, although regular contributors to the zine included people with odd pen names like Sea Creature, Ozzy Grove and *~K.

The zine began in and circulated largely in Vermont state, although as OneCloud travelled, issues were also circulated in other states she lived in, including New York, Washington and Georgia.

Beginning as a feminist/grrl zine, poetry was a common feature that became more prominent as the grrl articles receded.

The prime feature of the zine was its collages. At a time that most Vermont zines (Not Like Most, Hullabaloo) were offset computer printed, this zine was largely done by hand, right down to the crayon coloured covers and the hand sewn seams.

The zine was started as a tribute/hat's off to David Kime's Transcendent Visions, a psychiatric survivors/poetry zine out of Massachusetts, and Kime's originals and reprints have been in the zine.

Because zines were not common in that area, there are a number of reprints from other zines featured in ABAB, including OneCloud's own contributions to Transcendent Visions, Forrest Jackson's Heliophobe, and Ziplock'd, a zine created by Miah from the band Crumb.

The zine tended to pass among "stoner" circles, one person having been quoted as saying "Every cool person's house in Montpelier had at least one copy that would get passed around."

The zine was printed in limited editions, or by request to the editors. There are possibly 30 issues, although there is no indication the editor has finished with producing the title entirely.

Spinoffs include a short run of editor *~K's zine Obolos, and a few chapbooks including OneCloud's poetry book, Moirologi.

There are some samples of the writings in the zine at a (largely abandoned) part of OneCloud's website[link] and there is a facebook fansite, categorising the zine as a pharmaceutical

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