In linguistics, alternate spellings of the same morpheme. Examples include

A special case of this is the zero allomorph, used to denote changes in form which are invisible. An example of this is "sheep" (singular) and "sheep" (plural); morphologically, the latter would be written {sheep} + {0}, to illustrate the presence of the English inflectional suffix {-s}, even though it is not visible.

Al"lo*morph (#), n. [Gr. other + form.] Min. (a)

Any one of two or more distinct crystalline forms of the same substance; or the substance having such forms; -- as, carbonate of lime occurs in the allomorphs calcite and aragonite.


A variety of pseudomorph which has undergone partial or complete change or substitution of material; -- thus limonite is frequently an allomorph after pyrite.

G. H. Williams.


© Webster 1913.

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