All hail brother seamen, that plough on the main,
Likewise to well-wishers of seamen of fame;
May Providence watch over brave British tars
And guide them with care from the dangers of wars.

Good Providence long looked with pity at last
For to see honest Jack so shamefully thrashed
But still held his arm for to let Jack subdue
The pride of those masters whose hearts were not true

At Spithead brave Jack from long silence was roused,
Which waked other brothers who did not refuse
To assist in the plan that good Providence taught
In the hearts of brave seamen had long been forgot.

Old Neptune made haste, to the Nore he did come
To waken his sons, who had slept for so long;
His thundering loud voice made us start with surprise
To hear his sweet words, and he bid us arise.

Your brothers, says he, are all firmly resolved
To banish all tyrants that long did uphold
Their cruel intentions to scourge when they please:
Such a set of base villains you must instantly seize.

So away, tell your brothers, near Yarmouth they lay,
To embark in the cause they will never deny;
Their hearts are all good, they're like lions I say,
I've furnished their minds and they all will obey.

And when they arrive, which I thrust they soon will,
Be steady and cautious, let wrangling lay still,
And love one another - my favour you'll keep -
Success to King George and his glorious fleet.

(English sea shanty - original author unknown)

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