Live album by Iced Earth, released in 1999.
This album was released as a triple cd set in Europe, and a double cd set in the USA and Canada. This means that the American and Canadian versions are missing the third cd. There also is a limited edition vinyl boxset with five LPs, all of them are picture discs, with the album covers on one side, and photos of the band members on the other.

The album was recorded on January 23, 1999 and January 24, 1999 in the Rodon Club in Athens, Greece. Both nights the club was sold-out.
What makes this live album different from other live albums, is that it contains over three hours of live music, and that the band played two almost completely different sets on the dates it was recorded.

Jon Schaffer: rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals.
Matthew Barlow: lead vocals.
Larry Tarnowski: lead guitar.
James MacDonough: bass guitar and backing vocals.
Brent Smedley: drums.
Rick Risberg: keyboards.

The album was engineered and mixed by Jim Morris, and produced by Jon Schaffer and Jim Morris at Morrisound Studios.

Disc 1: Burning Times, Vengeance is Mine, Pure Evil, My Own Savior, Melancholy (Holy Martyr), Dante's Inferno, The Hunter, Travel in Stygian, Slave to the Dark and A Question of Heaven.
Disc 2: Dark Saga, The Last Laugh, Last December, Watching Over Me, Angels Holocaust, Stormrider, Path I Choose, I Died For You, Prophecy, Birth of the Wicked, The Coming Curse and Iced Earth.
Disc 3: Stand Alone, Cast in Stone, Desert Rain, Brainwashed, Disciples of the Lie, When the Night Falls, Diary, Blessed Are You and Violate.

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