16 year old Latvian girl who currently faces up to 15 years in prision for slapping Prince Charles -- with a red carnation!

Lebedeva's "attack" occured briefly after Charles arrived in Latvia as he worked the airport crowd shaking hands.

According to unnamed Latvian government officials a growing numbers of Latvia's teens have turned to communism to express their discontent with poor economic and social conditions. The red carnation has long symbolized communism (apparently).

Lebedeva is formally charged with "Endangering the life of a foreign dignitary", which carries the possible 15 year sentence. Latvian law does allow for the "foreign dignitary" to suggest a lighter punishment or clemency.

At this point the only comment from the British royal family is a spokeswoman who said, "This is a matter for the Latvian authorities. We would not wish to prejudice any legal proceedings and therefore we are not able to comment at this stage."

This incident happened at the end of October 2001. Alina has since been freed and "ordered to learn" according to Ananova.

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