Dr. Alice Miller is a Swiss pyschotherapist that has written several books on the causes and effects of childhood trauma since the late 70s.

If you are a parent or thinking of becoming a parent and the sentence, "I want to raise my child to be a good person" has come out of your mouth, it might do you and your children some good for you to read Dr. Miller.

I'd start with her book The Drama of the Gifted Child. If you see yourself described in Drama, you might get a lot out of talking to a psychotherapist.

Dr. Miller describes how a child's development and sense of self is affected by abuse and neglect. She leads people to see in themselves the origins of why they feel what they feel and do what they do.

She describes how traditionally accepted means of child rearing serves the needs of parents and not children.

She stresses the importance of respect for the child's feelings and the associated emotional caretaking a parent is responsible for.

She explains the process of self-repression, self-loathing and splitting off from the self that a child instinctively uses to survive and to cope with abuse and neglect. She explains how the use of this survival instinct can manifest itself in neuroses, physical illnesses (e.g. migraines), and self-destructive behavior.

She warns that if a child doesn't discover the truth about how they were raised and attempt to reclaim their true self, they are very likely to pass on their neuroses to their own children via the same child-rearing techniques they were subjected to. They may also project this contempt of their repressed selves onto society.

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