Alfonso VII of King of Castile and Leon was born in March of either 1104 or 1105, to Urraca, Queen of Castile and Leon and Raymond of Burgundy. He ascended to the throne of Castile and Leon with the death of his mother, Urraca, in 1126.

Alfonso married Berenguela of Barcelona, daughter of Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona, in 1128 and the couple had four children:

  • Sancho III of Castile (1134 - 1158)
  • Ferdinand II of Leon (1137 - 1188)
  • Sancha (1137 (?) - 1179) - she married Sancho VI of Navarre
  • Constanza (1141 - 1160) - she married Louis VII of France
  • Alfonso married a second time (Berenguela having died in 1149) in 1152 to Richeza of Poland, the daughter of Wladislaus II ("The Exile") of Poland. Alfonso and Richeza had a daughter, also named Sancha, in 1155, who became the wife of Alfonso II of Aragon.

    One of Alfonso's illegitimate children, Urraca, went on to marry Garcia IV of Navarre.

    Alfonso was crowned emperor in 1135 after the death of Alfonso I of Aragon. During his reign he attempted to unify Spain, but with little success.

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