Another ancient method of divination from the Greek word 'aleuron' which means roughly flour. As with other similar forms of divination involving small particles, some of the likely forms this divination took probably involved casting of the substance or examining the residue in bowls after water evaporates.

Flour, also being a cooking ingredient provides another outlet for this form of divination (for which it is much better known for). In this method, one would write sentences on small pieces of paper which were then added to balls of flour and then given to the individuals seeking their fortune. This tradition continued up until the 1800s in remote areas of Europe, however it can still be seen today in the form of fortune cookies.

A*leu"ro*man`cy (#), n. [Gr. wheaten flour + -mancy: cf. F. aleuromancie.]

Divination by means of flour.

Encyc. Brit.


© Webster 1913.

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