A Casio program, created fall, 2000.

The original incarnation let you input price, quantity and percentage of alcohol, and it would output the price of one litre of the "beverage" in question, if it had had an alcoholic percentage of 1.

The perfect way of comparing alcohol prices, as it gives a comparable index between different sizes of bottles, different amounts of alcohol, etc.

The idea, and heavy duty simplified Basic programming, was all mine, but the name came from a pal of mine, so I suppose he has the copyright on it :)

Here's the source:
(Compatible with the 9X50 range of Casio calculators, maybe others as well.)
All text not within "" are functions, and should not be typed, rather than found within some submenu.
All lines end with a "next-line-bent-arrow-thingie" (Looks like your return button.), except for those that end with a ». In place of these should a "stop-and-wait-for-exe-thingie" be put. (Looks like a triangle pointing down, and to the right)
-> is the "save as" button.

Lbl 1
P⁄A⁄B×100 »
Goto 1

Of course all text can be altered to reflect what you'd want. The specific expression used here turns the input of centilitres into litres by the multiplication of 100. If you want it to be for ounces or whatever just change the expression accordingly.

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