The Alcatel Speedtouch USB is an ADSL modem by the french electronics giant Alcatel. Selling pretty well in Europe, this nifty little device gained much of its popularity by Alcatel's clever decision to release the firmware and some basic management tools, probably realising the limitations of their product due to its reliance of the rather slow USB port.

Although closed source, the source code was lapped up by the free *nix community, and drivers are available for Linux and the BSD's thanks to Benoit Papillaut and Francois Rogler. Out of the box the modem supports OS X, Mac OS 8.6 and higher and the unfortunate users of Windows Operating Systems.

I find this product especially useful as it runs beautifully with each of my machines: a old P100 OpenBSD Box, my 500 Mhz Ibook and a 7200.

Hardware Specifications

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