Albert Venn Dicey was born near Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England in 1835. He studied under Benjamin Jowett at Balliol College, Oxford and was called to the bar in 1863.

He wrote on a variety of topics including the supremacy or sovereignty of Parliament, the rule of law, international law, and Irish Home Rule. His work Introduction to the Study of Law of the Constitution (1885) is considered to be a standard reference in the study of the British Constitution including the supremacy of Parliament and the rule of law.

He was Vinerian professor of English law at Oxford from 1882 to 1909 and became Queen's Counsel in 1890.

Albert V. Dicey died at Oxford in 1922.

Some of Albert V. Dicey's writings

  • An Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution 1885)
  • England's Case against Home Rule (1886)
  • A Digest of the Law of England with Reference to the Conflicts of Laws (1896)
  • Lectures on the Relation between Law and Opinion in England during the Nineteenth Century (1905)


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