Alan Ralsky (a.k.a. Al Ralsky) is a U.S. businessman who despite having had some troubles with the law earlier in his life now makes quite a decent living producing and dispatching unsolicited marketing emails. To you and I, that would be spam. Alan Ralsky is not really worth anyone's notice, even, save for the amazingly humorous (well, okay, to me at least) story recently posted to various websites. Ralsky had given an interview which was posted on, related to a previous week's story on spamming in the Wall Street Journal. The problem was (is) that Ralsky is apparently not very bright at all, and in addition to allowing the use of his real name provided more than enough information for an enterprising netizen (or a few hundred) to find his home address through openly available internet information sources (assessor's data, yahoo people, etc.). This information was then posted widely.

A couple of weeks later, slashdot is running a 'follow-up' story which contains pointers to Ralsky fuming about all the 'harrassment' he's received, in the form of 'these people signing me up for every commercial offer in the world' and 'sending me loads of junk.' Best of all, he then describes his lawyer, who he has retained to 'sue them all...' ...and 'outs' his lawyer as well.

The end of the story is not yet written.

2010 Update: avalyn reminds me that in fact there is, now, more of the story; he notes that "Ralsky and several cohorts were sent to federal...prison, with Ralsky himself getting five years."

According to the Detroit News, sometime in September 2005, the FBI raided the home of self-proclaimed spam king Alan Ralsky, siezing his computer equipment and effectively ceasing operations of his company. The story - found at - was released in October, when the FBI unsealed the warrant.

Mr. Ralsky has stated that, while he is out of business, he leaves the implication that he may return.

Nobody at this time has come to trial.

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