Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the Middle Eastern equivalent of Yahoo, a web portal featuring a web site directory, free email, daily news, chat rooms, games, etc.

One of the more interesting features of is the Arabic-English translator. It is as clumsy and awkward as you might expect, and proper names have to be programmed in individually because Arabic has no capital letters ("Taliban", for example, was being translated as its literal meaning, "two students"). However, even in its current form, its potential for cross-cultural information flow is impressive. English speakers are using it to read Al-Jazeera and Arabic speakers are using it to read CNN. Other sites English speakers are hitting include Saudi Arabia's Asharq Al-Awsat, the UK's Al Hayat, and Egypt's Al-Ahram. is a division of Sakhr Software and its chief executive is a citizen of Kuwait, Fahad Al Sharekh, who was recently interviewed in Wired.


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