Technically called 中国国際航空公司 Zhongguo Guoji Hangkong Gongsi (try saying that five times fast), Air China is the national airline and principal international carrier of the People's Republic of China. It was formed from CAAC, China's national airline until 1988, and serves destinations on four continents, codesharing with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Northwest Airlines, SAS, and Finnair. It is headquartered at Beijing Capital International Airport and operates some international routes from Tianjin and Hohhot. Do not confuse it with China Airlines: you may inadvertently set off an international incident.

Air China is both an international and domestic carrier: it also has a fairly large air freight operation, and is occassionally commissioned to take the premier on foreign missions.

Fleet details:

18 Boeing 747 (400, 200 and SP series)
7 Boeing 777
10 Boeing 767 (200 and 300 series)
26 Boeing 737

The airline's logo is a red phoenix that subtly spells the letters "VIP," and it is probably the only eye-catching part of the airline's livery, which is perpetually stuck in the 1970's. The in-flight service is excellent, as you would expect from an Asian airline, but since you're dealing with a communist regime, don't expect a VIP lounge.

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