The soul tourmented by Arthur Dent in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Arthur killed Agrajag, who was then reincarnated in another form, to be killed by Arthur again. lather, rinse, repeat.

Agrajag built a Cathedral of Hate in which to kill Arthur, but made the mistake of bringing him there too early, before Arthur killed him for the last time. Thus, it was quite impossible for Agrajag to actually kill Arthur, though he did try. Arthur inadvertently kills Agrajag in the process.

List of all known incarnations of Agrajag that were killed by Arthur Dent:

  • A rabbit, killed by a flint stone, skinned and made into a bag to carry interesting stones
  • A housefly, swatted at and killed with the above bag
  • A newt, stepped on
  • An oyster, eaten raw
  • A cow, eaten as a fillet steak
  • A fish, caught by Arthur, but he then decided he didn't like and left on the side of the plate
  • A flea, picked from his hair
  • An ant, stepped on
  • An old man, died of a heart attack from seeing Arthur appear out of thin air during a cricket match
  • A bowl of petunias, converted by the Improbability Drive from a nuclear missle, and crashed into the surface of Magrathea
  • A man, hit by a bullet during an assassination attempt on Arthur in Stravomula Beta
  • A bat-like creature, died while attempting to exact revenge on Arthur in the Cathedral of Hate

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