Also the part of a crew on a yacht typically responsible for tactics and rules interpretations during races. They usually maintain navigation of the boat, and forecast the weather to assist the skipper in choosing the fastest track during the race. They are responsible for MOBOARDs to determine the best angles of attack, and also perform MOBOARDs to determine which angle to the wind produces what boat speed and speed over ground combination. Finally, their most important responsibility is to maintain the crew's safety by serving as a safety observer, attempting to preclude dangerous situations on the boat.

Usually the afterguard is the lightest member of the boat so that they affect the balance of the boat the least as they move around the cockpit rather than riding the rails for ballast. Typically the afterguard will have racing experience in one of the other crew positions, and thus tends to be one of the senior members of the crew (many times senior to the skipper).

Aft"er*guard` (#), n. Naut.

The seaman or seamen stationed on the poop or after part of the ship, to attend the after-sails.



© Webster 1913.

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