Advanced Television Standards Committee

An American standards committee formed in the year 1983 to establish national standards for next generation television. Specifically, follow-ons to the NTSC standard. Since its formation, it has grown to include representatives from over 200 separate corporations and other committees from around the world to establish itself as an international organization that supercedes its national origin. Its purpose is to define standards for high definition television and/or digital television.

Incidentally, if you have a form of digital television at home, your cable receiver is most likely conforming to the ATSC Digital Television Standard (A/53). This standard is currently in use by broadcasters in Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, and Argentina along with the United States of America.

According to their schedule, they appear to have meetings several times a month to discuss issues within their two main subcommittees. Which are:

  • Technology Group on Distribution
  • ATV Implementation Subcommittee
Each of which is further broken down into different specialty groups. For example, within the Technology Group on Distribution are subgroups dedicated to RF Transmission, Audio, Digital Services, Video Coding, etc.

You can find out more on their website:

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