The Adrenaline Bag was a rather unsettling creation of a failed Toyota advertizing campaign. I haven't seen any reference to it lately which was a wise choise on Toyota's part. Commercials and ads featured a large blood donor bag full of a nasty green substance, supposedly adrenaline. The newspaper ad had pointers on the bag indicating 'Vegas', 'Toyota Tacoma' and 'Thongs' at the top and 'Cuddling' at the bottom. I guess the premise was that Toyotas were as adrenaline-evoking as vegas and thongs. Although cuddling doesnt exactly cause adrenaline, I've never really seen Vegas as be much of an adrenaline rush either, unless you are one for prostututes. If by thongs they mean the bathing suit, perhaps it might cause horniness, but not really adrenaline.. that didnt make much sense either. I always just thought of sandals. The commercials were even nastier and featured someone driving a truck with an IV in their arm, and the bag dripping green goo. At the end they would say 'adrenaline donors needed'.

am i the ony person that found this totally disgusting and disturbing albeit somewhat humorous? It sure didn't make me want a Toyota.

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