In English it is common practice to place more than one adjective in front of a noun, for instance:

"What a silly old fool" and

"What a dumb little martian"

Now the actual placement of these adjectives is anything but random - there is a specific order in which they must be placed, started by the following type of adjective:

Opinion:An opinion adjective gives a subjective view, for instance silly, enlightening, bad-ass.

Size: A size adjective refers to proportions such as huge, microscopic, teensy-weensy

Age: An age adjective explains age (d'oh) ex: ancient, neonatal, young.

Shape: Shape adjectives refer to form for instance round, oval, triangular

Colour: Next comes the colour adjective, including pink, reddish, grey

Origin:Origin, where the noun is coming from, is the next adjective in this order, for example : Spanish, Betelgeusian, eastern

Material:This refers to what the noun is made of, for instance: coarse leather, wool, plastic

Purpose:This is the adjective describing what something is used for. for example washing as used in washing machine.

Now that all the adjective types have been listed in the order of use, one can use all the adjective types to create an interesting yet grammaticaly correct piece of literature:

"The horrible, little, juvenile, rotund, green, American, slime-coated, harassing alien kept on nibbling my pants".

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