The performance version of Acura's bottom-of-the-barrel model, the Integra (Honda Integra in Japan). This racing-tuned "Type R" model was added to the lineup after a similarly tuned NSX Type R was created. It only appears in the fourth generation of Integra, from 1995-2000.

The Type R uses the same Honda B18C 1.8-liter straight-four engine as its lesser GS-R model, but this handworked specimen is precision-tuned to output over 20 more horsepower, bringing the grand total up to 197 hp @ 8000 rpm. This rating puts the Type R in the same "front wheel drive sports" league as the Mitsubishi FTO and the Toyota Celica. Other amenities include a racing steering wheel by Momo, Recaro racing seats, a rear wing, and a stiffer body structure to improve handling, among other minor modifications. Special "Type R" emblems and a red Acura logo are also added to the body and give it greater visibility. It is extremely popular -- and victorious -- in SCCA racing. Likewise, it is also popular (despite its relative rarity) among street racers, and many take great pains in making their standard Integra model appear at least somewhat similar to the Type R.

The only differences between a Japanese and an American Integra Type R are the Acura/Honda logo, the body colors (Americans are limited to yellow and black), and a different front fascia (the American Type R has four round headlights, whilst the Japanese sports ordinary bar-type lights).

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