Aberfoyle Springs is a brand of natural spring water from a 125 acre parcel of protected land in Ontario, Canada. The water flows through miles of sand and rock formations, and contains only 380ppm dissolved minerals.

Also, to ensure the highest purity, the water is triple-filtered down to a 0.2-micron filtration level, which just so happens to be the lowest in North America. In addition to this, the system uses an online ozone analyzer to constantly monitor production parameters. This system has been recognized as producing Canada's best tasting spring water. You can obtain Aberfoyle in many different sizes:

  • 355ml(12 oz)
  • 500ml(16.9 oz)
  • 591ml(20 oz)
  • 1L(33.8 oz)
  • 1.5L(50.7 oz)
Also, it is obtainable in bulk quantities. (usu. 12 or 24 bottles)

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