From Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1880)

ABA'NTIDAS ('Abantidas), the son of Paseas, became tyrant of Sicyon after murdering Cleninias, the father of Aratus, B.C. 264. Aratus, who was then only seven years old, narrowly escaped death. Abantidas was fond of literature, and was accustomed to attend the philosophical discussions of Deinias and Aristotle, the dialectician, in the agora of Sicyon: on one of these occasions he was murdered by his enemies. He was succeeded in the tyranny by his father, who was put to death by Nicocles. (Plut. Arat. 2. 3; Paus. ii. 8. § 2.)

An original e-text for everything2. That is, I sat down and copied the text from the book (in the public domain) - it is not available on any other web site. Given sufficient interest, I may node more entries from this book, and try to get my ocr software to recognize the printing.

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