The Australian domain registar. Known for being tight with's and insisting on a UIN registered company number... oddly also that you write one hundred times "I will not use's for anything but business".

Why can't they play like everyone else and set the law as first come first served?

AuNIC are the Australian domain name registar. An ozzie equivilent of InterNic.

They control's and (suspiciously) "".

The later being marketed as safeguarding your domain purchase `so other people don't come in and take it`.

But really, isn't it not a second level domain, but a third?

If I own I can make 3rd level domains ( on that for virtually nothing. It's not what's commonly refered to as a domain name (being a second level).

Anyone got Chris Carter's home number? i'm sure we can twist this type of marketing into sinister realities that warp perceptions and control the masses.

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