This is the result of my farting around with XML DOM all day today. It's the first time I've ever gone near anything related to XML but it works fine, and the output is nice.

Apologies for hogging the random nodes XML all day.


' ******************************************
' *
' * ASP E2 random nodes ticker v0.1
' *
' ******************************************

response.buffer = true

Set XMLdoc = Server.CreateObject( "Microsoft.XMLDOM" )
XMLDoc.async = false 
'wait to send to browser until a complete output is created

if xmldoc.load(" Nodes XML Ticker&lastnode_id=1252991l") then
 'wait for XML to load before continuing
  'if XML read successful then
    XSLString = "randomnodes"
	  Set oNodeList = xmlDoc.selectNodes(XSLString)
	 'set up oNodelist to traverse data
	   for each Item in oNodeList
		response.write "<b>" & item.childNodes.item(0).text & "</b>" & "<br>" & vbCr
		'write "wit" in bold
		 for i = 1 to ((item.childNodes.length)-1)
		 'write node_id's and titles
		 response.write "<a href=""" & _
		 item.childNodes.item(i).getAttribute("node_id") & """>" & _
		 item.childNodes.item(i).text & "</a>" & "<br>" & vbCr
		 'carraige return to clean up the output

	     response.write "<p>" & vbcrlf
	     ' tidy up output

  'What to say if we couldn't get the XML
  response.write "Random nodes XML unavailable! <BR>"
end if

set xmldoc = nothing 'clean up

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