Arce Email Service. E-mail and website addresses are available from

Example: Mary Arce

More importantly, ARCE is an executable for DOS that extracts .ARC files. As with many DOS utilities, when you run ARCE.COM with no options you get the NFO you need:
ARCE Copyright (c) 1986-92 Vernon D. Buerg.
Extract ARC files, Version 4.1a, 4/12/92. All rights reserved.

Usage:  ARCE d:path\filename.ext  <filespecs...> <d:\outpath>
				  </R></P></Q></T> </Gpswd>

	  d:   drive and path are optional
	  /R   specifies reuse existing files
	  /P   extracts files to standard output
	  /Q   suppresses beeps and bells
	  /T   test archive integrity only
	  /5   do not create subdirectories
	  /G   supplies encryption password, e.g. /Gpswd

Note: filename and filespecs may contain * and ? wildcards;
      ext defaults to .ARC

If you find ARCE of value, please register the Buerg ARC utilities for $25.
appreciated:  Vernon D. Buerg, 139 White Oak Circle,  Petaluma,  CA 94952

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