AMD's latest, and probably last, models of Super Socket 7 processors. Also known as the K6-IIIp.

The plus symbol denotes that this is one of AMD's low-power processors, intended for the laptop market. These processors are cast with a 0.18 micron die, have 256Kb of on-board L2 cache, utilising any motherboard cache as an L3 cache, and have an incredibly smart low power/cooling system. Which coincidentally makes them ideal for overclocking. Put in a desktop machine and OC'd with a decent copper heatsink-fan, the 450Mhz models can achieve 600Mhz comfortably. Overclocking beyond this point is limited by the bus multiplier speeds on the motherboards, rather than the heat of the chip.

AMD are almost certainly aware of this, and it would explain why they will not sell K6-III+ processors to the retail market; they only go to OEMs and laptop manufacturers. One of these chips can give new life to a clapped out SS7 box, but finding one is hell on earth. As ever, Ebay conquers adversity. Another problem is finding a SS7 mobo which is compatible with the new processors, although these are well documented online.

Currently, these chips are avaliable in 450Mhz and 500Mhz models. A 500Mhz K6-III+ apparently runs at roughly twice the speed of a regular K6-III for floating point applications. Good kit.

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