A MS Windows key combination that hanges from app window to app window.

Press the ALT key and tap TAB once to bring up a list of current applications. One of them should be highlighted. Continue tapping TAB until you've selected the program window you want to look at.

Release the ALT key to view that window.

Bake at 180c for 20-25 minutes.


Not just restricted to windows, alt+tab is also used in many other graphical desktop environments such as WindowMaker, CDE and KDE.

While Microsoft's windows has established this key combination as the defacto standard for application swapping, it makes sense for such a combination to be the alt key and the tab key pressed together; using the left thumb on the alt (or possibly meta key) and the ring finger or little finger on the tab.

Although that reason doesn't take into account left handed people or non-pc keyboards...

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