Abyss Highest Experience - what the demo scene group Abyss were forced to rename their excellent SID sound like tracker formerly known as THX into, as some stupid American guys didn't like their trademark being violated.

The sound of an AHX module is probably the closest the Amiga will ever get to the true SID sound from the C64. Analog it is not, but it's fairly close, and due to the file format, interesting modules lasting five minutes can easily have an uncompressed size less than 5 KB.

Technical features of AHX is a sample editor, where you can only specify type of sound (tri, square, sine, or noise), attack, sustain, and decay. For the people familiar with the sound system of the C64, this might ring a bell. All tracks have the same length, but this length can vary from 1 to 128 (128 is AFAIR). Patterns are simply tracks modulated. (Expressions used as in the trackers of the mid 90s)

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