Soundgarden's last album, released in 1997 after they broke up. It includes all the singles they ever released, pretty useless for someone who has all their albums on CD andmp3.

"The advantage of a compilation like this is that someone can be driving in their car and can hear the most popular songs in sequence, without having to rummage through a half-dozen CDs... It’s a good, quick reference for the fans who want to have these songs all in one place." -- Kim Thayil

Nothing to Say 3:56
Flower 3:25
Loud Love 4:57
Hands All Over 6:00
Get on the Snake 3:44
Jesus Christ Pose 5:51
Outshined 5:11
Rusty Cage 4:26
Spoonman 4:06
Day I Tried to Live 5:19
Black Hole Sun 5:18
Fell on Black Days 4:42
Pretty Noose 4:12
Burden in My Hand 4:50
Blow up the Outside World 5:46
Ty Cobb 3:05
Bleed Together 3:54

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