I actually stumbled upon this little delight while searching through the house at two o'clock in the AM looking for decent sugary foods. This treat that I improvised is simple, tasty, and probably pretty bad for you to boot. You be the judge.

You'll need...

  • One slice of bread if you're not too hungry, two if you are, three if you're a beast, etc...
  • Enough decently soft butter (room temp, soft enough to spread works best) to spread on the slices of bread you have.
  • Plenty of sugar. Just the pure white granulated stuff.
  • A toaster oven...this really doesn't work well at all in a toaster. Trust me.

Now we're ready to go. Start by spreading a fairly thin layer of butter on the slice(s) of bread. You don't want it too thin but you don't want tons of the stuff as it makes the bread soggy. After you spread the butter, sprinkle sugar liberally over the bread, covering the entire surface. Use your own judgement but I find it's best when you can't really see the bread underneath. Place these sugared slices in the toaster oven and set the setting to dark. The dark setting (on my toaster oven anyways) will get the pastry just to the point where it is not quite crispy or brown but it is not yet toasted. You might want it darker but remember, you can always make the bread darker, you can't make it lighter. Go ahead and try this...you'll get hooked.

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