This is the last thing I'll write about this country, in order not to annoy anyone.

Here goes:

"This article is for Russia in the Classic World of Darkness. Gothic-Punk Russia, while resembling the real Russia in many ways, is an even more extreme place. The ravages of the past can be seen in the eyes of the populace. Devoid of challenge, the Russians walk past each other like zombies. They walk as if they were alone in the world, ignoring everything else. Each citizen follows her own agenda, completely oblivious to what might happen to others in her path."

It's not just the most, but the only accurate portrayal of Russia, fictional or not, that I've ever encountered. And especially the last sentence because if you're not a tourist and you're walking around alone, people will be physically incapable of noticing you.

None of the above paragraph applies to the current government of course, because they're a benevolent dictatorship and are very aware of all their enemies.

I don't have a clue what Gothic-Punk means, the way I understand it it's like Urban Fantasy but darker.

Source: Russia (cWOD)

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