A polar bear's breath
a pot boiling

My feet dig in-
to his fur
Boots sunk
in endless white
blindly groping
trying to cup
the freeze
but no snowball
can be made
ineffable, ethereal
the chilly bear breath
it flies
through the crevices
between my fingers
and paints the horizon
in shades of placid blue
placid as
the bear's motionless eyes

Oh winter,
you have frozen my heart
The virgin leaves
their veins
with desire throbbing
are trapped
under layers and layers
of bear blubber

But I summon you to wake up
oh sleepy one
I rub your belly
and the fur starts glowing
in shades of red and purple
that percolate
up to the sky
and mix
with the lethargic blue

Love, my friends
is nothing but awakening
Nothing but a radiance
born in the belly of death
a shy flickering flame
amidst a dreary numbness

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