She's one year older than me. When she graduated "our" university, she got a job as a lab assistant and I secretly thanked the FSM for letting me get to know her better. Smart, pretty AND funny.

Two years later, she announced she was going back home. I wrote her, the kind of awful letters that one churns out when you're thinking of your crush. I hurried to deliver it personally, but she wasn't there. I slipped it under the door and hurried back to my class.

She settled back with her parents (she cited a mixture of nostalgia, pleasant weather and abundant true friends). We kept in touch via these newfangled technologies of Facebook and smartphones. I even traveled there on her birthday (I swear it was coincidental) and we ended up celebrating with her family and friends and Dos Equis. Among the Top 10 happiest days of 2012.

She worked as an Au Pair in France for a year and had her "contract" extended for another. Her papers had to be updated so she could stay and work legally there. She came back, disappeared for two months and then sold her car and most of her clothes. 

"I love my parents, but I'm too used to making my own rules. Besides, it's hard to stay thinking of my boyfriend in France"

Last night I managed to call her just a few hours before her flight. It would've been unfair to say anything about me, so I wished her well. She told me that I should visit. I asked her not to forget me. She told me she wouldn't.

BQ14: 280 words

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