the system of interstates
veins for the bloodstream of the western spirit
its curves inclines slopes and secrets
are not for us to measure

intravenous meditation makes good conversation
submission holds can be fatal when miscalculated
abandoning the notion of time altogether is
the fastest way to get from point A to point Z

minds as strong as sycamores, bodies worn as leather
ignoring the stereotypes and clich├ęs of our journey
foxing food and locking doors and tolerating simple minds
dignity is liability when living by the measure

but I wanted you, America
to digest all these twisted pleasures
a fierce will to conquer and delusions of grandeur
is there any dosage I could lock inside me

or is every paradise a fool's paradise
is there always a curtain behind the curtain
must we all be hypocrites in order to survive
or is the purpose of our lives not designed to be certain

must we climb along the spines of these ridgelines for ourselves
tear open the ribcage of this heartland
swim through these rivers of roads as if we the people were
the undefined pulse of this land

January, 2014 (edited since)

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