I made the following map after reading Dante Alighieri's The Inferno

(The Roman Numerals indicate what circle of Hell we are  talking about.  This is important because soon we will have circles inside of circles.  I know this is a very rough drawing of Dante's map of Hell - I will add to this with time.)

For those interested in Christian teaching, this is the trip Christ made between his crucifixion on Good Friday and his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  (A rough weekend to say the least.)


  1. Limbo - which holds Acheron
The second through fifth circles are included in a group called "Incontinence".
  1. The Lustful
  2. The Gluttonous - in this section he encounters Ciacco the Hog and Cerberus the three headed dog who eternally flays the gluttons.
  3. Avaricious & Prodigal
  4. The Wrathful
Dante now describes a separation between the upper and lower parts of Hell.  Dividing these two areas are the Marsh of Stys and the Walls of DisDis is essentially the capital city of Hell.  The sixth circle is not in the "Incontinence" group nor in the following "Violence" group
  1. The Heretics
Now we enter the "Violence" section of Hell.  It is only located in the seventh circle which in turn is divided into three groups
  1. Violence
  1. Against one's Neighbor
  2. Against Oneself
  3. Against God
Dante now encounters the Abyss (Gergen).

The eighth and ninth circles of Hell encompass the "Fraud" section.  The eighth circle is divided into ten parts and the ninth and final circle is divided into three parts.

  1. The first part of "Fraud"
  1. Panders & Seducers
  2. Flatterers
  3. Simonists
  4. Soothsayers
  5. Grafters
  6. Hypocrites
  7. Thieves
  8. False Counselors
  9. Servers of Discord
  10. Counterfeiters & Falsifiers
Dante finds the Giants Well
  1. Betrayal - the final circle
  1. Betrayers of Kin
  2. Political Traitors
  3. Betrayers of Guests or Benefactors

Where in the hell are you?

\                    Ante-hell                    /
 \.                  Neutralis                  ./
--`\                   Limbo                   /'--Layer 1
----\              The Lustful                /----Layer 2
-----\            The Gluttonous             /-----Layer 3
------\      The Avaricious & Prodigal      /------Layer 4
-------\.      The Wrathful & Sullen      ./-------Layer 5
        |XXXXXXXXXThe Wall of DisXXXXXXXXX|
--------`\.          Heretics           ./'--------Layer 6
----------`\.       The Violent       ./'----------Layer 7
            |   Tyrants & Murderers   |
            |  Suicides & Squanderers |
            | Blasphemers, Sodomites & Usurers |
------------`\.       Fraud         ./'------------Layer 8
              |  Panders & Seducers |
              |     Flatterers      |   M
              |     Simonists       |   A
              |Diviners & Magicians |   L
              |     Barrators       |   E
              |     Hypocrites      |   B
              |      Thieves        |   O
              |Fraudulent Counselors|   L
              | Sowers of Scandal & Schism  |   G
              |     Falsifiers      |   E
--------------`\.   Treachery     ./'--------------Layer 9
                |  Traitors to kin  |   Caïna
                | Traitors to homeland  |   Antenora
                | Traitors to guests |   Ptolomea
                |Traitors to Benefactors |   Judecca
                `|    Lucifer    |'    Center of the Earth

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