Cabeza creaking in consternation
I strike out for the stuttering streets
I call out in callous curmudgeonhood
Heedlessly hearkening to a hunger
Hitherto held hither by half-hearted holy handiwork
And innocent inexperience

Vainly void of validation
I peruse all the poets and philosohers
From Frost to Freire to Frankenstein
I intellectualize all internally
All action is academic
All thought is therapeutic
I efficiently emit into the ether
Numinous nomothetic nonsense

I prattled and I preached and I prayed
Languishing along in an attempt to get laid
I drub that dribbling dipshit, Dawkins
Onanistically over the occipital
I exert to extract some existentialist explanation
But it's all bupkes and bullshit

Finally I figure it firmly:
Essentialism explains my exes
Lo, and largely my losses!
They carry in common one cause,
For all the fucked-up futile farting around,
That mechanism mostly meets in the middle with me.

Love and I are like oil and water, apparently.

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