Released in 1994, this is MC Hawking's second album (the first being his 1992 EP The Hawkman Cometh, and his third being 1997's E = MC Hawking), and his first full-length feature. The track list is this:

  1. Crazy as F*ck
  2. The Mighty Stephen Hawking
  3. Nanomachine
  4. Black Holes
  5. Faster Than Light
  6. Why Won't Jesse Helms Just Hurry Up and Die?
  7. Big Biz-ang (Remix)
  8. Doomsday Device
  9. Cut It Up
  10. Bitch Slap
  11. Entropy
  12. F*cking Sh*t Up Old-school
  13. F.Y.M.
  14. Bring the Noize

MC Hawking, for the uninitiated, is Stephen Hawking's gangsta rap persona. The title of this album is a play on words, for the title of his most famous book is A Brief History Of Time.

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