A 9 mol nonylphenol ethoxylated surfactant. It is widely used throughout all industries for is excellent wetting and detergent properties.


Appearance: transparent oily liquid, colorless to light yellow
Color, Pt – Co, 25 °C: 70 max.
Water, wt. %: 0.3 max.
Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g: 88.3
Cloud pt., °C of 1% soln.: 54 - 60
Density (20°C): 1.0603
Flash pt., PMCC, °C: 242.0
Polyglycols, wt. %: 1 max.


· Agricultural wettable powders, concentrates, and various spray adjuncts

· Pulp & Paper industry as a rewetting agent; emulsifying grease in waste paper; detergent and emulsifying agent for cleaner products.

· Wallpaper removal formulations

· Wetting agent for clays in manufacture of bricks and ceramics

· Concrete additives

· Dust Control compositions

· Formulations, such as cleaners, metal cleaners, waterless hand cleaners, and acid cleaners.

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