"The cockroach is the most perfect of all God's creatures, because it lives off waste. And humans, at the top of the food chain are wasteful animals."

It is Monday, and I love you.

Thinking of when you cried,

"Too much Joy," before washing up onto my back.

I am listening to, 'Alone Again, Naturally,' on my stereo.

It is Tuesday, and I love you.

"The sunlight was stretched thin with Nostalgia. I pulled it up around my shoulders. You left and I fell and when I reached for you. I only caught the ankle of your shadow in my hand."

It is Wednesday, and I love you.

It's as if, in that first time together, I married you in the only way that mattered. And then died before morning. I am a ghost in your arms.

When you enter me, you enter only Memory.

It is Thursday, and I love you.

" The schizophrenic woman is a harem for the monogamous male."

It is Friday, and I love you.

We have just seen 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' together. I am making heartfelt pleas, not to be erased. I make you list the three memories you would keep.

It is Saturday and I love you.

We drive thirty miles out of town and we listen to your musical documentary of our implosion. We watch the last of our elegant debris float down around us like confetti.

It is Sunday.


You felt like a drug to me, so I thought I could quit you any time I wanted. So I did, I quit when I wanted to. But. I couldn't bear to kill the Need. So. I tore out its vocal chords. I sprung them free and broke them like guitar strings.

I couldn't kill it. But. I thought I could keep it from speaking your name. But. This Need, being a part of me, learned to write. And now, I can see the graffiti. Inside me, I can read your name. And I wonder,

"My God. What have I done?"

The Need navigated the mineshafts of my heart. Tunneled free. Now it is behind the sternum, and it is kicking a hole in the bone. In between the heartbeats, I can hear the boot against the bone.

The riteous jailbreak of the wrongfully convicted. You were innocent in this. I had you framed.

Now, what I did to my Need for you was in self-defense. I was just trying to consider the collateral damage possible if I loved you, and we broke each other open in the end. But you. You're breaking me open now. So - you see.

You see how the laugh is on me.

But I'm asking you not to have it. I'm asking you to come to me instead.

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