7-Zark-7 is G-Force’s annoying robot buddy. He assists the team from Centre Neptune, a kind of space command centre, where all the monitors display repetitive wiggly patterns because the animators couldn’t be bothered to animate it properly. Despite what you may remember, 7-Zark-7 is a bad thing.

When Gatchaman was translated into English, the original 1-hour features were brutally hacked into 30 minute cartoons. Often two or three totally unrelated episodes were joined in an effort to make enough shows. Naturally there were some continuity problems.

Zark’s role was to act as a narrator. He would chip in during some of the more surreal sequences to explain why the team had suddenly set off for Pluto, or to re-assure the kids that “Everybody was evacuated and nobody got hurt”. Nobody ever seemed to get hurt.

In the original version of the cartoon lots of people get hurt, and 7-Zark-7 did not exist.

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