Something I've found is that if you don't see the other half of your LDR partnership over a particularly extended period of time, your sense of longing for them actually becomes pretty diminished. I suppose one could almost liken it to 'forgetting' about your other half, or at least certainly forgetting the way they make you feel when they're around; the way they make your heart skip and how this one particular person can make everything okay.

I think it helps, too, that you generally KNOW you're going to be apart for several months at least, which gives you the ability to mentally prepare. Of course the feeling of longing is present, but the time is just to much to waste wishing it away.

So, I last saw my SO on December 3rd, and he'll be here next Tuesday. That's 6 days from now. I've not seen him for upward of 3 months in the past, and yet I'm tearing my bloody hair out waiting.
It's so soon I can practically feel his breath on my neck and smell him on my skin and yet he is still 3,250 miles and an ocean away.

It's a very blinkered dream, but I wish I could fall asleep now and wake up on Tuesday morning, in time to collect him from the airport.

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