5-4-3 is one possibility of scoring a double play in baseball. The batter hits the ball to third base (5), where it is fielded by the third baseman and thrown to second base (4). The second baseman tags the bag to throw out the runner advancing from first, then throws to first base (3) where the batter is thrown out. A slight variation would be to have the shortstop (6) cover second base, and the play would be scored as 5-6-3. Net result would be two outs.

If there was a runner on second and a runner on first, and the defense has excellent fielding skills, a triple play can be scored as 5-4-3. The runner advancing to third would be thrown out, then the ball tossed to second for the second out. A quick and on-target throw to first base and a tag on the batter would complete the triple play.

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