3rd Strike is a metal-rap band from San Pedro, California compromising Jim Korthe (vocals), Todd Deguchi (guitarist), McMullon (bass), Hammersmith (drums), Carlsson (guitar). Their music style is similar to Rage Against the Machine but with much more mellow tracks, which introduce a whole new style of its own.

For example, track 10 (Lisa) displays a very slow opening, which progresses to a more fast paced mixture. The track continues on slow to fast paced, while slow he is storytelling.

Track 4 (Blind My Eyes) also shows this quality, starting with a slow riff, which has a depressing sound to it and later transforms into an aggressive state, almost telling the listener to stand up against the depression.

Another great song is track 3 (Redemption), with vocals that promises there is help out there as long as you express yourself and open up to the world.

The hit song, track 5 (No Light), shows that Korthe wants to go on but doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

They also do one of the best covers I've seen on a cd. Paranoid, by Black Sabbath is covered and performed superbly, making it a great remake while not ruining it with too much of a rap style. Of course this wouldn't be possible without the help of Tony Iommi.

1. Flow Heat 3rd Strike/Korthe, 3:08

2. Walked Away 3rd Strike/Korthe, 3:12

3. Redemption 3rd Strike/Korthe, 3:48

4. Blind My Eyes 3rd Strike/Korthe, 3:10

5. No Light 3rd Strike/Korthe, 4:10

6. City's On Fire 3rd Strike/Korthe, 2:40

7. Breathe It Out 3rd Strike/Korthe, 3:32

8. All Lies 3rd Strike/Korthe, 3:13

9. Strung Out 3rd Strike/Korthe, 3:42

10. Lisa 3rd Strike/Korthe, 4:22

11. Paranoid Iommi, Frank/Butler 2:56

12. Hang On 3rd Strike/Korthe, 4:18

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