A lot of information about fighting has already been posted on self-defense, very little of it however is instructional.

In a real situation the simple 'punch' is unlikely to do the untrained much good. It truly is a difficult strike to master.

These three techniques are commonly called 'the big three' at self defense schools across the country. They're shockingly easy to perform and suprisingly devastating.

The palm strike: Form a chop with your hand: fingers pointed straight with a slight curve. Thumb bent and to the side. Tighten the chop such that water could not pass between your fingers. Point your fingers up to the sky. The plane of your forearm should be parallel to the ground and the plane of your palm should be perpendicular to the ground. You have formed a palm hand

Stand with your feet apart with your left foot at 11 o' clock and your right foot at 5 o' clock. (opponent is at 12 o' clock.) Bend your elbow to bring your newly formed palm hand next to your chin. Look for an opening, and rapidly extend the heel of your palm (the padded portion at the very bottom, directly under the pinky) to come in contact with your opponent's nose.

you may have heard that this strike will instantly kill someone by shoving their nose into their brain, this is not true, your nose is made of cartilage and will split first. Therefore, do not strike up, but straight in.

The throat strike: form a chop as on the previous example. This time, point your thumb straight out to form an 'L' while keeping the rest of your fingers straight and firm. Rotate your hand so that the side of your index finger faces your opponent. Your palm should be facing the floor.

Strike as in the previous example, but aim for the opponents adam's apple (assuming aggressor is male.) Do not strike with the soft web between your thumb and your finger: use the side of your index finger's knuckle. The thumb serves as a guide only.

I have heard that this strike may dislodge their larynx and block their airway.

The eye strike. Form a chop. spread the fingers out and slightly bend them to prevent breaking. Aim tips of fingers at opponents eyes. Strike as before.

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