Taken from yet another reference from "The Fast and the Furious"; in the scene where "Brian" gives "Dom" his "Ten Second Car", and "the Gang" derides the car as being a "10 minute car", aka a complete shitter (gratuitous quotation mark abuse intentional). Though when they look inside, the squirrelly guy blurts "2JZ engine, no shit.."

What is it about this "2JZ" engine that made them all (girls included) get a big fat chubby?

Well, to start out, the 2JZ is the second generation of the Toyota JZ engine line used in the later Toyota Supras and Lexus SC300, hence the "2" in the name (the 1JZ never made it out of Japan and Australia in a production car). The 2JZ was/is widely popular as it is a total heaving, howling, slobbering, leg-humping beast of a 3.0 litre inline 6 cylinder engine.

There are also sub-familes of the engine, given by their letter suffixes -- 2JZ-GTE, -GE, -TE and -E . These letter codes mean:

(the 1994 Supra in the film uses the 2JZ-GTE, though the "before" car was just a plain 2JZ - also referred to as a 2JZ-N/A)

Anyway, Toyota, in their wisdom, way over-built these babies. The word on the racing circles is that the stock internals (block, etc) are good for at least 600HP. The -GTE came from the factory fully balanced and is supposed to be rated at a (conservative) 320HP with 315 pound-feet of torque; this is stock. With aftermarket mods it is rumored to get to 500 with minimal fuss.

Of course, none of these mods are cheap. To get the 544 Horse Power that the Supra in tFatF, you're going to spend at least $50,000USD. But after you do it, you're going to be able to go from Zero to "What seems to be the problem, Officer?" in a little over 8 seconds.. that's 100MP/H to us normal people with an acceleration delta of nearly 30 miles per second, or almost that of a Lamborghini Diablo and just a few clicks below a Mclaren F1.

Car Porn: http://formen.ign.com/news/36045.html

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