Hewlett Packard's wonderful DOS palmtop. Now sadly out of production. In essance, an XT in your pocket, it will run any DOS software that supports an XT with a CGA screen. It also comes with some useful built in software, in the form of Lotus's System Manager, a collection of PIM software (with appointments, todo, notepad, note taker, database, phonebook, comms, and macros), Lotus 1-2-3, Pocket Quicken, and CC:Mail (which can be used in conjunction with a POP3 client).

The processor is an 80186 clocked at 14 MHz, and the greyscale screen supports CGA at 640x200x2 and 320x200x4. It also has a PCMCIA socket, and a RS232C connection.

Stock 200LXs are available with 1, 2, or 4 MB of RAM, but numerous upgrades are available, ranging from 6 to 96 (!) Megabytes. There's also a doublespeed upgrade that overclocks the processor to 36 MHz. (When overclocked, the serial port supports 115200 baud!) Backlit screens are also in development.

The 200LX has developed a fanatical following, who have put together a BSD-like library of software, available at the S.U.P.E.R. Site. These include, image viewers, Internet access software, word processors, improved versions of the included tools, and even a MIDI player.

A group of hardware developers in Japan, sorry to see the 200LX go, have designed a successor called the MorphyOne

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