Second half of 1QM, The War Scroll, from the Dead Sea Scrolls

Column 10
1of our camps, and to keep ourselves from any shameful nakedness, and he told us that You are in our midst, a great and awesome God, plundering all of'
2 our enemies before us. He taught us from of old through all our generations, saying, when you approach the battle, the priest shall stand and speak unto the people,
6 saying, 'Hear O Israel, you are approaching the battle against your enemies today. Do not be afraid nor fainthearted.
4 Do not tremble, nor be terrified because of them, for your God goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, and to save
5 you" Our officers shall speak to all those prepared for battle, those willing of heart, to strengthen them by the might of God, to turn back all
6 who have who have lost heart, and to strengthen all the valiant warriors together. They shall recount that which you spoke by the hand of Moses, saying: "And when there is a war
7 in your land against the adversary who attacks you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets that you might be remembered before your God 8
8 and be saved from your enemies. Who is like You, O God of Israel, in heaven and on earth, that he can perform in accordance with Your great works
9and Your great strength. Who is like Your people Israel, whom You have chosen for Yourself from all the peoples of the lands; Òthe people of the saints of the covenant, learned in the statutes, enlightened in
10 understanding ... those who hear the glorious voice and see
11 the holy angels, whose ears are open; hearing deep things. O God, You have created the expanse of the skies, the host of luminaries,
12 the task of spirits and the dominion of holy ones, the treasures of Your glory ... clouds. He who created the earth and the limits of her divisions
13 into wilderness and plain, and all, her offspring, with the fruits ... the circle of the seas, the sources of the rivets, and the rift of the deeps,
14 wild beasts and winged creatures, the form of man and the generations of his seed, the confusion of language and the separation of peoples, the abode of clans
15 and the inheritance of the lands, … and holy festivals, courses of years and times of
16 eternity … these we know from Your understanding which …
17 … Your ears to our cry, for …
18 … his house …
Column 11
1 Truly the battle is Yours, and by the strength of Your hand their corpses have been broken to pieces, without anyone to bury them. Indeed, Goliath the Gittite a mighty man of valor,
2 You delivered into the hand of David, Your servant, because he trusted in Your great name and not in sword and spear. For the battle is Yours.
3 He subdued the Philistines many times by Your holy name. Also by the hand of our kings You rescued us many times
4because of Your mercy; not according to our works, for we have acted wickedly, nor for the acts of our rebelliousness. The battle is Yours, the strength is from You, s
5 it is not our own. Neither our power nor the strength of our hand have done valiantly, but rather by Your power and the strength of Your great valor. Just as You told
6 us in time past, saying: "There shall come forth a star out of Jacob, a scepter shal1 rite out of Israel, and shall crush the forehead of Moab and tear down all sons of Sheth,
7 and he shall descend from Jacob and shall destroy the remnant from the city, and the enemy shall be a possession, and Israel shal1 do valiantly. By the hand of Your anointed ones,
8 seers of things appointed, You have told us about the times of the wars of Your hands in order that You may glorify Yourself, {fight} among our enemies, to bring down the hordes of Belial, the seven
9 vainglorious nations, at the hand of the oppressed whom You have redeemed with power and retribution; a wondrous strength. A heart that melts shall be as a door of hope. You will do to them as You did to Pharaoh
10 and the officers of his chariots in the Red Sea. You will ignite the humble of spirit like a fiery torch of fire in a sheaf, consuming the wicked. You shall not turn back until
11 the annihilation of the guilty. In time past You foretold the appointed time for Your hand is powerful work against the Kittim, saying: And Assyria shall fall by a sword not of man, and a sword,
12 not of men, shall consume him
13For into the hand of the oppressed You will deliver the enemies of all the lands; into the hands of those who are prostrate in the dust, in order to bring down all mighty men of the peoples, to return the recompense
14 Of the wicked on the head of … to pronounce the just judgment of Your truth on all sons of man, and to make for Yourself an everlasting name among the people
15 … the wars, and to show Yourself great and holy before the remnant of the nations, so that they may know that
16 You are God ... when You carry out judgments on Gog and on all his company that are assembled about us ...
17 … for You will do battle against them from the heavens ...
18 … upon them for confusion […
Column 12
1 For You have a multitude of holy ones in the heavens and hosts of angels in Your exalted dwelling to praise Your name. The chosen ones of the holy people
2 You have established for Yourself in a community. The number (or The book) of the names of all their host is with You in Your holy dwelling, and the number of the holy ones is in the abode of Your glory.
3Mercies of blessing … and Your covenant of peace You engraved for them with a stylus of life in order to reign over them: for all time,
4 commissioning the hosts of Your elect by their thousands and tens of thousands together with Your holy ones and Your angels, and directing them
5 in battle so as to condemn the earthly adversaries by trial with Your judgments. With the elect of heaven they shall prevail.
7And You, O God, are awesome in the glory of Your dominion, and the company of Your holy ones is in our midst for eternal support. We shall direct our contempt at kings, derision
8 and disdain at mighty men. For the Lord is holy, and the King of Glory is with us together with the holy ones. Mighty men and a host of angels are with our commissioned forces.
9The Hero of War is with our company, and the host of His spirits is with our steps Our horsemen are as the clouds and as the mist covering the earth,
10 and as a steady downpour shedding judgment on all her offspring. Rise up, O Hero, take Your captives, O Glorious One, take
11 Your plunder, O You who do valiantly. Lay Your hand upon the neck of Your enemies, and Your foot upon the backs of the slain. Crush the nations, Your adversaries, and may Your sword
12 devour guilty flesh. Fill Your land with glory, and Your heritance with blessing. An abundance of cattle in Your fields; silver and gold and precious
13 stones in Your palaces. O Zion, rejoice greatly, and shine with joyful songs, O Jerusalem. Rejoice, all you cities of Judah, open
14 your gates forever that the wealth of the nations might be brought to you, and their kings shall serve you. All they that oppressed you shall bow down to you, and the dust
15 of your feet they shall lick. O daughters of my people shout out with a voice of joy, adorn yourselves with ornaments of glory Rule over the kingdom of the
16... and Israel to reign eternally.
17 … them the mighty men of war, O Jerusalem …
18Be exalted above the heavens, O Lord, and let Your glory be above all the earth …
19 19 . . . The blessings of the war recited by all the leaders after the victory.
20 …And then the Chief Priest shall stand
Column 13
1and his brothers the priests, the Levites, and all the elders of the Army with him. They shall bless, from their position, the God of Israel and all His works of truth, and they shall curse
2 Belial there and all the spirits of his forces. And they shall say response: "Blessed is the God of Israel for all His holy purpose and His works of truth. And blessed are
3 an those who serve Him righteously. who know Him by faith.
4 And cursed is Belial for his contentious purpose, and accursed for his reprehensible rule. And cursed are all the spirits of his lot for their wicked purpose.
5Accursed are they for all their filthy, dirty service. For they are the lot of darkness, but the lot of God is light
7 You are the God of our fathers. We bless Your name forever, for we are an eternal people. You made a covenant with our fathers, and will establish it for their seed
8throughout the ages of eternity. In all the testimonies of Your glory there has been remembrance of Your kindness in our midst as an assistance to the remnant and the survivors for the sake of Your covenant 9
9and to recount Your works of truth and the judgments of Your wondrous strength. And You, O God, created us for Yourself as an eternal people, and into the lot of light You cast us
10in accordance with Your truth. You appointed the Prince of Light from of old to assist us, for in His lot are all sons of righteousness and all spirits of truth are in his dominion. You yourself
11made Belial for the pit, an angel of malevolence, his dominion is in darkness and his counsel is to condemn and convict. All the spirits
12Of his lot the angels of destruction walk in accord with the rule of darkness, for it is there only desire. But we, in the lot of Your truth, rejoice in
13Your mighty hand. We rejoice in Your salvation, and revel in Your help and Your peace. Who is like You in strength, O God of Israel, and yet
14Your mighty hand is with the oppressed. What angel or prince is like You for Your effectual support, for of old You appointed for Yourself a day of great battle ...
15 … to support truth and to destroy iniquity, to bring darkness low and to lend might to light, and to …
16 … for an eterna1 stand, and to annihilate all the Sons of Darkness and bring joy to all the Sons of Light …
18... for You Yourself designated us for an appointed time ...
Column 14
1 like the fire of His fury against the idols of Egypt." The blessings of the war recited by all the leaders in the morning before the battle.
2After they have withdrawn from the slain to enter the camp, all of them shall sing the hymn of return. In the morning they shall wash their clothes, cleanse themselves
3Of the blood of the sinful bodies, and return to the place where they had stood, where they had formed the battle line before the slain of the enemy fell. There they shall all bless
4the God of Israel and joyously exalt His name together. They shall say in response: "Blessed is the God of Israel, who guards loving-kindness for His covenant and the appointed times
5Of salvation for the people He redeems. He has called those who stumble unto wondrous accomplishments, and He has gathered a congregation of nations for annihilation without remnant in order to raise up in judgment
6he whose heart has melted, to open a mouth for the dumb to sing God's mighty deeds, and to teach feeble hands warfare. He gives those whose knees shake strength to stand, 7
7and strengthens those who have been smitten from the hips to the shoulder. Among the poor in spirit … a hard heart, and by those whose way is perfect shall all wicked nations come to an end;
8there will be no place for all their mighty men. But we are the remnant of Your people. Blessed is Your name, O God of loving-kindness, the One who kept the covenant for our forefathers. Throughout
9all our generations You have made Your mercies wondrous for the remnant of the people during the dominion of Belial. With all the mysteries of his hatred they have not led us astray
10 from Your covenant. His spirits of destruction You have driven away from us. And when the me]n of his dominion condemned themselves, You have preserved the lives of Your redeemed. You raised up
11the fallen by Your strength, but those who are great in height You will cut down to humble them. And there is no rescuer for all their mighty men, and no place of refuge for their swift ones. To their honored men
12You will return shame, and all their vain existence shall be as nothing. But we, Your holy people, shall praise Your name for Your works of truth.
13Because of Your mighty deeds we shall exalt your] splendor in epochs and appointed times of eternity, at the beginning of day, at night
14and at dawn and dusk. For Your glorious purpose is great and Your wondrous mysteries are in Your high heavens, to raise up those for Yourself from the dust
15and to humble those of the gods.
16Rise up, rise up, O God of gods, and raise Yourself in power, O King of Kings . . .
17 t71et all the Sons of Darkness scatter from before You. Let the light of Your majesty shine forever upon gods and men, as a fire burning in the dark places of the damned]
18Let it burn the damned of Sheol, as an eternal burning among the transgressors … in all the appointed times of eternity."
19They shall repeat all the thanksgiving hymns of battle there and then return to their camps
Column 15
1 For it is a time of distress for Israel, a fixed time of battle against all the nations. The purpose of God is eternal redemption,
2but annihilation for al1 nations of wickedness. All those prepared for battle shall set out and camp opposite the king of the Kittim and all the forces
3Of Belial that are assembled with him for a day of vengeance by the sword of God.
4Then the Chief Priest shall stand, and with him his brothers the priests, the Levites, and all the men of the army. He shall read aloud
5the prayer for the appointed time of battle, as is written in the book Serekh Itto (The Rule of His Time), including all the words of their thanksgivings. Then he shall form there
6all the battle lines, as written in the Book of the War. Then the priest appointed for the time of vengeance by
7all his brothers shall walk about and encourage them for the battle, and he shall say in response: "Be strong and courageous as warriors.
8Fear not, nor be discouraged and let not your heart be faint. Do not panic neither be alarmed because of them. Do not
9turn back nor flee from them. For they are a wicked congregation, all their deeds are in darkness;
10it is their desire. They have established all their refuge in a lie, their strength is as smoke that vanishes, and all
11 their vast assembly is as chaff which blows away ... desolation, and shall not be found. Every creature of greed shall wither quickly away
12like a flower at harvest time ... Come, strengthen yourselves for the battle of God, for this day is an appointed time of battle
13for God against all the nations, ... judgment upon all flesh. The God of Israel is raising His hand in His wondrous strength
14against all the spirits of wickedness ... mighty ones of the gods are girding themselves for battle, and the formation s of the holy ones is
15are readying themselves for a day of vengeance ...
16the God of Israel ...
17to remove Belial ...
18in his hell
Column 16
1 until every source of … is come to an end. For the God of Israel has called out a sword against all the nations, and by the holy ones of His people He will do mightily."
3They shall carry out all this Rule on that day at the place where they stand opposite the camps of the Kittim. Then the priests shall blow for them the trumpets
4Of remembrance. The gates of war shall open, and the infantry shall go out and stand in columns between the battle lines. The priests shall blow for them
5a signal for the formation and the columns shall deploy at the sound of the trumpets until each man has taken his station. Then the priests shall blow for them
6a second signal: signs for confrontation. When they stand near the battle line of the Kittim, within throwing range, each man shall raise his hand with his weapon of
7war. Then the six priests shall blow on the trumpets of the slain a sharp staccato note to direct the fighting. The Levites and the all the people with
8rams' horns shall blow a battle signal, a loud noise. As the sound goes forth, the infantry shall begin to bring down the slain of the Kittim, and all
9the people shall cease the signal, but the priests shall continue blowing on the trumpets of the slain and the battle shall prevail against the Kittim.
11 Belial prepares himself to assist the Sons of Darkness, and the slain among the infantry begin to fall by God's mysteries and to test by these mysteries all those appointed for battle,
12the priests shall blow the trumpets of assembly so that another battle line might go forth as a battle reserve, and they shall take up position between the battle lines.
13For those employed in battle they shall blow a signal to return. Then the Chief Priest shall approach and stand before the battle line, and shall encourage
14their heart by the wondrous might of God and fortify their hands for His battle.
15And he shall say in response: "Blessed is God, for He tests the heart of His people in the crucible. And not … have your slain … For you have obeyed from of old
16the mysteries of God. Now as for you, take courage and stand in the gap, do not fear when God strengthens …
Column 17
1 land He shall appoint their retribution with burning … those tested by the crucible. He shall sharpen the implements of war, and they shall not become blunt until all the nations of wickedness come to an end.
2But, as for you, remember the judgment of Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, by whose judgment God showed Himself holy before all the people. But Eleazar
3and Ithamar He preserved for Himself for an eternal covenant of priesthood.
4But, as for you, take courage and do not fear them ... for their end is emptiness and their desire is for the void. Their support is without strength and they do not know that from the God
5of Israel is all that is and that will be. He … in all which exists for eternity. Today is His appointed time to subdue and to humiliate the prince of the realm
6of wickedness. He will send eternal support to the company of His redeemed by the power of the majestic angel of the authority of Michael. By eternal light
7He shall joyfully light up the covenant of Israel peace and blessing for the lot of God - to exalt the authority of Michael among the gods and the dominion
8Of Israel among all flesh. Righteousness shall rejoice on high, and al1 sons of His truth shall rejoice in eternal knowledge. But as for you, O sons of His covenant,
9take courage in God's crucible, until He shall wave His hand and complete His fiery trials; His mysteries concerning your existence."
10And after these words the priests shall blow for them a signal to form the divisions of the battle line. The columns shall be deployed at the sound of the trumpets,
11until each man has taken his station. Then the priests shall blow another signal on the trumpets, signs for confrontation. When
12the infantry has approached the battle line of the Kittim, within throwing range, each man shall raise his hand with his weapon. Then the priests shall blow on the trumpets
130f the slain and the Levites and the al1 the people with rams' horns shal1 sound a signal for battle. The infantry shall attack the army
14Of the Kittim, and as the sound of the signal goes forth, they shall begin to bring down their slain. Then all the people shall still the sound of the signal, while the priests
15continuously blow on the trumpets of the slain, and the battle prevails against the Kittim, and the troops of Belial are defeated before them.
16Thus in the third lot ... to fall slain ...
Column 18
1and in the seventh lot, when the great hand of God shall be lifted up against Belial and against all the forces of his dominion for an eternal slaughter
2 … and the shout of the holy ones when they pursue Assyria. Then the sons of Japheth shall fall, never to rise again, and the Kittim shall be crushed without
3 [remnant and survivor. So the God of Israel shal1 raise His hand against the whole multitude of Belial. At that time the priests shall sound a signal
4 on the six trumpets of remembrance, and all the battle formations shall be gathered to them and divide against all the camps of the Kittim
5to completely destroy them. And when the sun hastens to set on that day, the Chief Priest and the priests and the Levites who are
6with him, and the chiefs of the battle lines and the men of the army shall bless the God of Israel there. They shall say in response: Blessed is Your name, O God of gods, for
7You have done wondrous things for Your people, and have kept Your covenant for us from of old. Many times You have opened the gates of salvation for us
8for the sake of Your covenant. And You provided for our affliction in accord with Your goodness toward us. You, O God of righteousness, have acted for the sake of Your name.
10… You have done wonders upon wonders with us, but from of old there has been nothing like it, for You have known our appointed time. Today Your power has shined forth
11for us, and You have shownus the hand of Your mercies with us in eternal redemption, in order to remove the dominion of the enemy, that it might be no more; the hand of Your strength.
12In battle You shall show Yourself strong against our enemies for an absolute slaughter. Now the day is pressing upon us to pursue their multitude, for You
13… and the heart of warriors You have broken so that no one is able to stand. Yours is the might, and the battle is in Your hand, and there is no
14 God like You … Your … and the appointed times of Your will, and reprisal …Your enemies, and You will cut off from ...
20 … And we shall direct our contempt at kings,]
Column 19>
1 derision and disdain at mighty men. For our Majestic One is holy. The King of Glory is with us and the host of His spirits is with our steps. Our horsemen are
2 as the clouds and as the mist covering the earth; as a steady downpour shedding judgment on al1 her offspring. Rise up, O Hero,
3Take Your captives, O Glorious One, and take Your plunder, O You who do valiantly. Lay Your hand upon the neck of Your enemies, and Your foot upon the backs of
4 the slain. Crush the nations, Your adversaries, and let Your sword devour flesh. Fill Your land with glory, and Your inheritance with blessing. An abundance of cattle is
5 in Your fields, silver and gold in Your palaces. O Zion, rejoice greatly, and rejoice, all you cities of Judah. Open

6 your gates forever, so that the wealth of the nations might be brought to you, and their kings shall serve you. All they that oppressed you shall bow down to you,
7 and they shall lick the dust of your feet. O daughters of my people, burst out with a voice of joy. Adorn yourselves with ornaments of glory, and rule over the kingdom of the
8 …Your … and Israel for an eternal dominion.
9Then they shall gather in the camp that night for rest until the morning. In the morning they shall come to the place of the battle line,
10where the mighty men of the Kittim fell, as well as the multitude of Assyria, and the forces of all the nations that were assembled unto them, to see whether the multitude of slain are dead
11 with none to bury them; those who fell there by the sword of God. And the High Priest shall approach there with his deputy, his brothers the priests,
12and the Levites with the Leader of the battle, and all the chiefs of the battle lines and their officers …
13... together. When they stand before the slain of the Kittim, they shall praise there the God of Israel. And they shall say in response …
14… to God Most High and …

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