A study, done in 1998, consisting mainly of a survey of scientists in various fields to determine their religious belief.

Here are the results:

belief in a deity: 7%
agnostics and doubters: 20.8%
Nonbelievers: 72.2%

The study found the lowest levels of belief among biologists, with physicists and astronomers close. Mathematicians had the highest levels of belief at about 15%.

Big deal. And what's your point? Since when did belief become a popularity contest? Are scientists God? Are they now the final arbiters of His existence? Apparently so, since we also have this "god module" shite. It's also possible to create a "religious experience" with the right amount of acid, ecstasy, cannabis, or tool of your choice. "Set and setting", as Dr. Leary's sheep might have said. Unbelief must be hard work. Will you enjoy the sweat equity on your deathbeds?

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