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Olympics 1948 St. Moritz, Switzerland, January 30 - February 8
No. of countries: 28
No. of athletes:  669 (529 m + 77 w)
No. of events: 22 in 7 sports 

The second world war cancelled the 1940 Sapporo games and the 1944 Cortina games, and the neutral Switzerland was asked to host the 1948 games. 

In the ice hockey, the United States confused everyone by sending two teams, one selected by the American Olympic committee, and one from the American Hockey Association. Both were disqualified at first, but the conflict was solved so that the former team would join the opening ceremony, and the latter would play in the tournament - though ineligible to win a medal. Later on, both these teams were disqualified and do not count towards number of participants.

New events were downhill and slalom alpine skiing.

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