1206 AD, 602-603 AH

Born in 1206:

Died in 1206: Events of 1206:
  • The Bishop of Osma (and one of his subordinates, Domingo de Guzman) attempt to sway Cathars in the Langue D'oc back towards Rome. But the finery they preach in only brings derision.  The Bishop returns to Rome, asking Pope Innocent III if he can resign, and preach to the Cumans instead. Innocent refuses this, and orders him to return to southern France. Bishop Diego then allegedly orders his subordinates to give away all of their money, walk the roads barefoot, and preach in poverty.  Innocent issues a leter in November, consecrating this method.  Based at Citeaux, the monks would eventually form what we call the Dominican Order today.
  • A 24-year-old would-be knight, having renounced war after a vision in a Spoleto chapel, returns to his hometown of Assisi.  Another vision convinces him to become a hermit and to work on repairing the chapels of San Damiano and Portiuncula.
  • Stephen Langton devises a way to divide the Bible into chapters.
  • King John of England lands at La Rochelle to prevent French king Phillip II from taking his Aquitanian fief. He fights off Phillip, and also captures Anjou. A treaty with Philip later in the year returns Anjou, and also acknowledges the loss of English fiefs in Northern France (Normandy and Brittany).
  • Dresden founded in Upper Saxony.
  • King Philip of Swabia captures Cologne, quieting the civil war raging in Germany at the time. Antiking Otto IV appears on the ropes.
  • Mongol warlord Temujin, has united all of the Mongol tribes. He continues his attack against the Xi Xia kingdom in China. Temujin calls a Quriltai assembly in his capital, Karakorum, which proclaims him "universal ruler", or "Genghis Khan".
  • The Chinese are the first to employ rockets in warfare (between the Southern Song and Chin).
  • King Llewelyn ap Iorweth of Wales marries Joan, one of John's illegitimate daughters.

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